Advice: Fundraising for a Loved One Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

January 27, 2015

This week we received an email from a son asking for advice on how to help his mom, recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Getting your family and community to help you raise funds and emotionally support your family member is not easy, but here are some tips that we’ve learned from Linda and many of the families that we support:


1.  Most important! Make sure that the person diagnosed is open to the idea of going public about his or her diagnosis.  Especially if you are using social media to spread the word! Do not even read on if you have not received permission.  Everyone reacts differently to their diagnosis, and not everyone is prepared to share what is happening to them.  Even if they say no, check in often – as they spend more time getting used to the idea, they might change their mind.  Never let them feel alone!

2.  Fundraising for financial help is better when you set a goal.  Asking for money is never easy – trust us! We do this everyday! We think that it’s best done when you have a specific goal in mind. For example, does the person need $1,000 for a specific item?

If you put specific goals in place, and you then get your community to rally for him or her, you’d be surprised how much faster the goal can be reached.

3.  Communication is Key.  You should be prepared to send emails, use Facebook, and send letters.  See if you family has a holiday card list that you can use!

4.  Ask your community to donate items for a raffle. You’d be surprised the kind of items that you might get from local stores, spas.  Maybe even the local Hallmark can donate cards to send to your family member! Every little bit helps to raise their spirit.

5.  Track and thank.  Track who helped you and make sure you send them a thank you in some way.  A note, an email – something to say thank you!

6.  Technology helps.  There are platforms that you can use to help raise money from friends and family like GoFundMe.com, GiveForward.com, and Fundly.com. They all charge a fee but make it easy to get your message out and manage your fund raising campaign.

7.  Collect resources and ask family to help outreach.  There are organizations like For 3 Sisters, Cancer Care and many others that may be able to help your family bear the financial burden of breast cancer.  Don’t think you have to do it all! Make a list and ask your closest friends to help you email them, fill out contact forms and call.

We would of course love to be a part of your cheering squad! Here is a link to where you can get some Tutu cheer to a few of our images to her: Calendar | Postcards | E-cards ($5 donation!)

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