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Amazing Announcement! Bob Carey, Ringmaster of Big Apple Circus NYC

September 11, 2013

Big Apple Circus The Tutu Project Group Shot

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He hasn’t been to a circus since he was a child, but this summer Bob was able to relive the wonder when he added a new tutu image to his collection of self-portraits at the Big Apple Circus.

But the excitement doesn’t end there.  The Big Apple Circus has graciously invited him back to be guest ringmaster in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Dressed in top hat and tutu, Bob will open the Lincoln Center show Sunday, October 27th at 4:30. We’re VERY excited and  would love it if you could join us!  Tickets can be purchased online at


See you under the Big Top!

The Tutu Project Team

*RC Photography is a for-profit company.  We have dedicated The Tutu Project photographs to help fundraise for the Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer.  Print sales donate 20% of net proceeds to the Carey Foundation.

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  • Jennifer Katusha Alexander

    ❤ One of my favorites!

  • Sharon Steves Hoover

    That’s Awesome! Bob, how is your wife doing these days?? Just wondering & would like to hear an update. 🙂

  • Stani Georgieva

    That’s wonderful , I wish I could see it :))

  • The Tutu Project

    Sharon, so sweet of you to ask. Linda is doing really well. She sends her best!

  • Nanci Zee


  • Patricia Blake

    Good for you New York!!!!!

  • Sharon Steves Hoover

    That’s awesome!! On September 14, I will be 2 years breast cancer free!! Hi Linda!!

  • Pat Barr Pruski


  • Karen Lyn

    love this!!!

  • Rosie Theresa Corey


  • Tracy Klein Goos

    Very cool!

  • Jackie Casey Millsap

    A most perfect picture!

  • Diane Daniels

    We saw Big Apple Circus in NYC several years ago. A real treat!

  • Judy Soda

    Way to go Bob, you are the best!

  • Jeanne Nicoletta

    Totally Awesome!!!

  • The Tutu Project

    Thanks Stani 🙂

  • Amanda Nalley Newberry

    Woohooo!!!! Love it!!!

  • Collette Gillian

    That is SO cool! And a perfect synchronicity.

  • Cynthia Allred

    The Tutu project man is everywhere!

  • Lori Dabir Potter

    I love this!!!

  • Elaine Enochs

    Oh SQUEAL!!! Cute! Love this!

  • Russ Learn

    love him, what an inspiration….

  • Robin Carroll

    Love It!

  • Sandra Fischer Baumann

    Awesome shot!

  • Regina Lee Brady RedFeather

    @@@ always

  • Julia Wachtel


  • Traci Weisenberger

    I love this picture!!!

  • Marie-France Lehoux

    Wow! Love it! Look at the colors!!

  • missythepug

    Wonderful! You are such an inspiration.

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