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Announcing our Breast Cancer Strong (#BCStrong) Social Inspiration Campaign

October 1, 2013


How have you found your way in a life that has been drastically changed by Breast Cancer? #BCStrong

In support of breast cancer awareness month, the Tutu team would love to hear your stories and help inspire others through their journey. And if you have TRUE TUTU STYLE, then send in your story with a picture!  We’ll be sharing your advice and images throughout the month. Join us now by using #BCStrong along with your post…

Here is how it works:
Send us an image or video message about how you and your family have dealt with this change in your life. To join our message board, use Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and hashtag #BCStrong. If you aren’t feeling creative, here are some ideas that Linda and our supporters have already come up with:

On a Tough Day I called… #BCStrong #Support
Chemo brain exists, here’s why… #BCStrong #Funny
For those hot flashes I… #BCStrong #Advice

Help us inspire others by sharing your experience and wisdom.


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  • Q: What’s the best advice you ever received for dealing with hot flashes from #chemotherapy?  #BCStrong #BCSM

    • denise54

      thetutuproject  Well I may get flack for this , but aprox 1 cup of unsweetened Edensoy beverage. Explained to me by a naturopathic doctor. Check out Dr. Sat Dharam  Kaur, ND, author of The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer

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