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Meet One of Our Favorite People

August 27, 2014

Sometimes in life you just have to take a chance, and this is one of them! I’m talking about taking the chance that she may not want me to do this but I must open the curtain, sort of like on the Wizard of OZ when the curtain is flung open to reveal a secret strength behind that giant, green head, (okay, she’s nothing like that guy and there’s no giant head involved but I’m trying to illustrate a point here). I  must, absolutely must, let you know about this wonderful woman, one that Bob and I are so fortunate to have her our team.  BUT, before I continue, let me make this perfectly clear, she’s not only our business manager but she’s a treasured friend and confidante.

There’s so much more; she’s a five o’clock (AM folks) dynamo, highly proficient translator of chemo brain, a calmer-downer (not a word but I’m taking liberty here) and a very patient advisor.  She’s one that, as we drive home from a weekend event, provokes uncontrollably laughter as we flash back to Bob’s antics. And fortunately for me, she recognizes my fatigue, even when I adamantly deny it.

You won’t see her lovely face in any interview but she’s hanging out in the green room, in a full tilt Twitter mode, sharing our adventures with you.  She’s not in any press photos but is off to the side, ready to offer an encouraging word or better yet – add a comment that makes me laugh loudly, which has the instant ability to calm my jitters.  Her phenomenal support is seen by so few that I must let you know who she is.

Her name is Marcela Shine.

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  • Yes she is so glad you all found us!!! Bret Miller Team is glad to be working with you and Marcela you and Bob and Linda are wonderful!!!!! Can’t wait for Oct.

  • lynnee

    God Bless all people like her! Linda i think of you everyday and always continue to pray for a cure for this horrible disease. I battled stage 3b breast cancer 2 years ago. I Love that your friend totally understands The Chemo Brain!! All of us (sisters) that have had the chemo brain know that sometimes people just think your going NUTS:) Stay well and FIGHT LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  • I purchased your book for my partner as a surprise for Christmas. Neither of us have had breast cancer, but are huge fans! Within one week of receiving the book, two of my clients, one is a breast cancer surgeon, one is a man, were diagnosed, as was my mother. I cannot begin to tell you how my world has changed in the past few weeks. I kept the book a secret, and as hard as it was, I gave it to my partner Christmas morning. We cried, ALOT. But it was good. Your book is beautiful. Please keep doing what you do! One of those three people is terminally ill, and I just can’t imagine how this world will look without them. I am one person and know 3 people in a week diagnosed. This is astounding! You make this fight just a little less pain staking. Bless all that you do, and I will be supporting you from this day forth!

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