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On Location: The “Breaking Bad” Shot

October 7, 2013

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are publishing a series of Bob’s “On Location” stories.


Location: Primm, Nevada. Home of what used to be the one of the tallest roller coaster in the world at 225 feet.

Scenario: Dirt road behind and west of Buffalo Bill’s Casino, Storm Looming. Me: Perfect location, awesome bullet ridden motorhome, the perfect storm.


Me: I must set up my camera… I must shoot FAST, storm getting closer.

Me: Storm is here, 50 mph winds, pouring rain on my very expensive rental camera.

Me: I must run to my rental car and dry off my very expensive rental camera. Oh Sh*t! the road is turning into a wash and is flash flooding.

Growing up in the desert I should know that this is not the right place to be!

Me: I must drive real fast on the high side of the road and do THE most stupid thing I could possible- cross the wash!! I was in a rental car after all and my drivers ed. teacher was Mr. Brady so I could handle anything!

Me: I am one lucky cat to make it out of there alive! At least I got the shot though:-)


This image is the cover of Ballerina, Bob Carey’s collection of self-portraits, dedicated to women with breast cancer.  Every purchase donates a percent to the Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer.


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  • Becky Reed

    I immediately thought Breaking Bad!

  • Bina Boavida

    immediately… 😀

  • Renee Schettler

    the REAL plotline unfolds…!

  • Russ Harrington

    “Yo, Mr C!

  • Kevin Kirshner

    …….does this mean The Tutu Project is recruiting Heisenberg for fundraising?

  • Harmony McCray

    Oh Bob I love it!

  • Alexa Preble

    Glad youre okay!!

  • Tigrezz Shamrock

    awesome shot…. wtg

  • Alan Zimmerman

    Very cool. This is up there with the favorite shots.

  • Bev Boyle

    Love it!

  • Igor Salmi


  • Dolores Waschau

    I knew it was shot in Nevada as soon as I saw this. Glad you made it out safe!

  • Anne Eversmann


  • Carol Tipton

    Before I saw it was your project, I thought of Breaking Bad!

  • Luna Tuya


  • Linda Kvamme Cirocco

    #TutuBreakingBad LOVE IT!!

  • Breanna Glass

    Love it!

  • Suzanne Morrell

    lol I love this shot!

  • Patricia L. Ballard

    Too cool!

  • Barbara Bogner Lee

    Thank you for the nod toward Bad.

  • Katrina Layer

    Loved the story… Stupid? Yes… But it was totally worth it. Awesome shot!! 😉

  • SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer

    Super duper cool!

  • Lezley Anderson

    Love it Bob!

  • Monna Sebring


  • Cheryl Eklund Fraunhofer

    Awesome shot! And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw it just now… Breaking Bad. 🙂

  • Olivier Fraboulet

    Alexandre This one

  • Alexandre Dupont

    Olivier yes! Saw it and love it!!

  • Mary Ann Trojanowski

    CIn – what is all this about?

  • RonChilston

    That’s some scary stuff Bob!  An Arizona boy should know better than to cross the wash . . . silly, silly TuTu!

  • Kathryn Robert

    I saw this pic and thought it looks like NM and IT IS! I have not seen the show though.

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