Quick Contest: Which Triad is Your Favorite?

November 25, 2013

Okay fans!  Let’s see who is paying attention on this fine Monday morning!  Before we officially announce our newest product launch we are running a little contest…

The first FIVE fans that tell us on Facebook which TRIAD set is their favorite set will receive a complimentary CALENDAR!

The next TEN to comment will receive a FREE SET of three The Tutu Project postcards.

The Tutu Project Calendar


Note: We will ask you (via FB) to send us a direct message (within 24 hours) with your mailing address once we confirm that you were eligible to receive the product.  We will be using the Time Stamp on FB comments to determine who the winners are.  Postcards will be based on availability (no specific orders will be taken).  USA participants ONLY.



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  • Paige Holman

    America the Beautiful is my favorite!

  • Angie Cochrun

    I like “America the Beautiful”!

  • Cheryl Wells Boyce

    Fan Favorites

  • Kathleen Silloway

    I Love New York.

  • Heather Smith

    The I love New York is my favorite!

  • Kristin Hanniger Jedziniak

    America The Beautiful!!! By far my favorite!!

  • Deb Mitchell

    I like the Fan Favorites.

  • Brenda Parks-Arms

    Love them all that I’ve seen since recently signing on! Love all that you do!

  • Shelly Canales

    I love NY!

  • Traci Guardianofthemancubs Church

    New York!

  • Andrea Karrick

    I love NY is the best! I just wish one had the Chester NY one bc I’m from Goshen 😉

  • Heather Rae Olson

    My favorite is I Love New York 🙂

  • Geralyn A. O’Marra

    Fan Favorites!

  • Kathleen Olesen

    Ny…i love that one

  • Nanci Zee

    I Love New York!

  • Tammy Lykken Zimmerman

    I love The New York set – especially the laying down in Times Square:)

  • Christopher Boats OShana

    New York and Lincoln memorial

  • Rachel Maize

    fan favorites!

  • Michael Hancock

    Fan Favorites is my favorite Triad.

  • Stef Dunaway

    I adore the “America the Beautiful” set

  • Philip James Watkins

    I love NY – I know I an not in the top 5 – but still love it.

  • Jacqueline Lloyd

    fan fav.

  • Latham Floyde

    I Love New York!

  • Kathy Warren

    America the Beautiful

  • Nicola Frost

    It’s hard to pick just one but i like America the beautiful !

  • Kim Spink

    I love NY

  • Rhonda Malin Jacques

    Fan Favorites – I just LOVE the roller coaster!

  • Jacqueline Lloyd


  • Lori Bailey

    America the Beautiful

  • Jennie Stinson

    Roller Coaster!

  • Carolyn Fairbrother

    My favorite if America the Beautiful. I just love seeing your posts on facebook.

  • Joni Davidson Bates


  • Jessica Ann Gilbert

    just want to say love them all! bit of these three NY stands out the most to me 🙂

  • Anne Gould Anderson


  • Sheila Schumacher

    Well I know I’m past the first five, but Fan Favorites is my choice. Bob in the snow is sheer perfection!

  • Maureen Flaherty

    America the Beautiful

  • Maureen Reed Polson

    Fan Favorites

  • Lisa Petersen

    Fan Favorites!

  • Bob Underwood


  • Jolaine Velazquez

    Swan Lake

  • Jennifer Frenette

    Fan Favorites

  • Iris Shreve Garrott

    America the Beautiful

  • Sara Schley

    I Love NY

  • Sally Bailey

    America the Beautiful!

  • The Tutu Project

    THANK YOU everyone for the feedback! Winners to be announced shortly.

  • Chelsea Croker

    America the beautiful, lincoln, new york, bloomingdales, and fan favorites!

  • Chelsea Croker

    Aw. Sadface.

  • The Tutu Project

    Paige! You are winner #1, please DM us your information for your Calendar.

  • Laura Mondoux

    America the Beautiful

  • Linda Spencer Rothluebber

    The Cow, always brings a smile to my face.. 🙂

  • The Tutu Project

    Angie, You are winner #2, please DM us your information for your Calendar.

  • The Tutu Project

    Heather, You are winner #5, please DM us your information for your Calendar.

  • The Tutu Project

    You have won a set of postcards! Please DM us your info!!! Thanks!

  • Wendy Sutton

    Gazebo. Frankenmuth, Michigan. 2009

  • The Tutu Project

    We have our winners! Thank you to everyone that participated!!!!

  • Cheryl Pursell


  • Fernanda Luis Faust

    The Swan Lake one in NYC

  • Jessica Ann Gilbert

    you announced 5..who won the rest 🙂

  • Shelly Canales

    Thank you! Messaging now.

  • Chelsea Croker

    All the postcard winners names didn’t show up

  • Betsy L Kimbrell

    I love NY!

  • Rhonda Malin Jacques

    “You have won a set of postcards…” Shows up repeatedly on this thread, without names …how do we know?

  • Willie-Margaret Gartenlaub

    America the beautiful!!!

  • Brenda Parks-Arms

    Oh my! Thank you so much! These are definitely treasures 🙂

  • Maggie Beaver

    fan favorite

  • Christine Shotwell-Riccardo

    Fan favorites is my fave triad.

  • Ginny Roth

    They’re all great! I’m #50!

  • Cheryl Wells Boyce

    Thank you!

  • Heather Rae Olson


  • Linda Spencer Rothluebber

    Congrats to everyone that is a “Winner”. Bob and Linda you are the real winners! Thank you so much for all of the awareness, money and support your effort has generated. I for on am blessed to enjoy the beauty in all you do. May God continue to bless and keep you. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  • Amy Wecas Baehr

    America the beautiful!!

  • Katrin Wegner

    I love New York

  • Brad Jones
  • Lesa Hickerson

    Fan favorites

  • Traci Jo Knox

    Fan Favorites…love them all really 🙂

  • KatrinaSmits

    Anerica the Beautiful

  • KatrinaSmits

    America the beautiful

  • Jes Jacobs

    Fan Favorites

  • Elizabeth Sanders

    America the Beautiful

  • Mary Jane Condon Bohlen


  • John P Tretbar

    That road in New Jersey.

  • Atelierural Architectures

    little big change

  • Sharon Rose

    Subway, blimp, Tutu. Those 3 I love

  • Lisa K. Bacallao

    Loved ALL you work hard to decide!

  • MarjorieBowenKrug

    triad?  didn’t know that you were part of the star trek family.

  • Cara Coleman

    Goose. Saddle River, New Jersey. 2012. My mom always told me to be a ripple in the water. Let myself reach beyond where I was thrown. This image reminds me of her everyday

  • Rita Lee

    America the beautiful

  • Sabrina Walker

    America the Beautiful

  • Jacqueline Savoy

    I love New York.

  • Amy Robbins Boggs

    Fan Favorites!!

  • Cailleach Annie

    America the beautiful

  • TerresaCook

    America the Beautiful!! These are powerful messages of how beautiful and wonderful our country is – just stop and look and enjoy!

  • LezleyAnderson

    They all are and I’ve already bought two 2014 calendars!

  • Valerie Tschache

    Fan favourites…but they are all soo wonderful. Thx for this

  • The Tutu Project

    Hi Traci Guardianofthemancubs Church Could you DM us your address? Thanks!

  • The Tutu Project

    Hi Nanci Zee Could you DM us your address? Thanks!

  • Renate Beckers

    Love this one, is my asolutly favorit … I posted it years ago to all my friends

  • An Ni

    your pictures are soooo wonderful.

  • Sophie Mü

    I love your photos!

  • Sophie Mü

    You inspire me every day!

  • Jennifer Petree Gray

    I for see your photos being my Christmas gifts to my family next year… 🙂

  • Tammy Boen

    The snow pic really stands out, great photo work.

  • Anna Kowal-Trampe

    Courageous !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Howard

    I can’t help myself but giggle with every picture i see, I am sure more and more people will feel the hope and love that has been put into these pictures, you are truly my new hero 😀 I hope and pray for you both on a bright future and lots of love and happiness. keep doing what you are doing, it works 🙂

  • Sara-Kim Kramer

    It’s so amazing !

  • Sofie Scherrens

    the pics are beautiful! love the idea

  • Karolina Barska

    les photos sont magnifiques!

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