Boat Dock. Rockaway Beach, New York.

October 21, 2013

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are publishing a series of Bob’s “On Location” stories.

The Tutu Project image

We were in the Rockaway’s 4 years ago and I saw this lovely scene: a peaceful boat dock and a defunct boat dealership. The buildings in the back were nice and graphic, just how I like it. It was an overcast steamy day, the closer I got the more I could smell the ‘wonderful’ BLACK water.

I knew where I wanted to be which is usually in the center of the image. I love to break the rules… one of the classic photography rules is NEVER put the subject of the shot in the center. Well, one of my rules is ALWAYS to put something in the center, wether it is the subject , an edge of a building, a pole, anything as long as there is a center point.

Anyway! I worked my way over to where I wanted to be, sat down and reluctantly put my feet into the water.  I alway love to show some sort of interaction in my photographs and naturally with this shot it would be a playful interaction; I planned to kick my feet in the water like a kid, which if you couldn’t tell by now I am very kid-like, something I take a lot of pride in!  While I was doing this I noticed the big bloated dead rat floating in the water, (which really didn’t surprise me).  At that point I knew I was DONE with this shot. :-)b

This image was included in Ballerina, the collection of Bob’s self-portraits dedicated Every purchase donates a percent to the Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer.





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  • Shari Robblets

    Love the picture. The rat, not so much.

  • Chris Kientz

    Well done!

  • Marie-Josée Labelle

    funny 😀

  • Joey Ponce

    this is my favorite pic so far…

  • Linda Provencio Quintero

    Where is the rat? I am trying to find it.

  • Christi Leapley

    Loving it

  • Donna Sauers

    I love all the backstories!

  • Jill Reznak

    I absolutely LOVE this picture

  • Jackie Casey Millsap

    Yuck……on the rat that is.

  • Pat Taddei

    This is a keeper

  • Cheryl Saul

    Love the stories behind the photos.

  • Linda Santackas Degnan

    Ah… The adventures!!

  • Lani Phillips

    Favorite !!!

  • Paula Eide


  • Candice Barnhart

    This is one of my favorites as well!!

  • Sally Turner

    You could probably generate extra revenue by selling tickets to your shoots. On Location with The Pink Tutu.

    • @Sally Turner We love when people join us on our shoots… we try to release locations if we know them for our fans!!!

  • Kate Bowen

    Where is this?

  • Shelly Mitchell Houchins

    Awesome shot, though! I’m glad that you toughed it out.

  • Jackie Morales

    very cool shot!

  • Araceli Ramirez


  • Patricia Garofalo

    OK, this is in the book

  • Laura Horvath

    Love this one!

  • Wendy Springsteen

    thank you Bob, Love this. 🙂

  • Beth Schwab


  • Peggy House Gillespie


  • Kelly J Miller Hanson

    Love this.

  • Tin Pan

    Great shot, but dead rat?! Eww. 😉

  • Jody Jones

    Did the rat make it into the photo? 😛

  • Jennifer Schleinz

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Deb Schroeder

    Love you man. So awesome! !

  • Lara Balestrini

    Più bella che mai!!!

  • Sue Rosoff


  • Sallyanne English

    The water must be bad xxx they are very good swimmer s xxxxx???

  • Niels Kuipers

    Clean the Tutu Bob 😛 !

  • Eliza Grira

    and they say ART is easy???????? LOL

  • Linda Spencer Rothluebber

    Yuk! :0, on the upside wha ta great shot….love it, not the Rat or hearing of it’s untimely demise.

  • Barbara Thomas

    Don’t drink the water

  • Sónia Veríssimo


  • Michi Lleo Garcia-ontiveros

    Mi tutu te la robo

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