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Spoiler Alert: Outtakes for Upcoming Ballerina Images

June 17, 2012


Today Bob and I were ‘shadowed’ by a German television station.  We aren’t sure when it will air but it will be the first time that we air in a place that we don’t even speak the language!

It has been a while since we were in Times Square, and watching people’s reactions to Bob has always been a blast, except today was even more special. I had two wonderful ladies come up to me to thank us for our project. Being recognized is new to me since I’ve always been behind the scenes. They had both seen The Tutu Project on the Today Show, and shared that our project made someone special in their lives smile while they too dealt with the news of breast cancer. I’m so happy that our dream of making people smile when they most need it is coming true.

So here are some outtakes from today’s shoot.  Hope you enjoy them and don’t mind the spoiler alert!  We look forward to sharing some new shots taken from these amazing places in Manhattan very soon!





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