The Tutu Project: “Pelican”


Show your support for breast cancer patients by displaying this Signed Limited Edition print in your home, office, school, cancer center or hospital hall.  Contact us to find out if this specific image is available as follows:

  • For $400: 16-by-20-inch C-print, with a lustre surface.
  • For $650: 20-by-24-inch C-print, with a lustre surface.

Prints include a Certificate of Authenticity with the Edition number, image name and year taken. We only print a  limited edition collection of 10 or 25 for each print (unless otherwise specified).

The Tutu Project™ is an initiative committed to raising funds for breast cancer thrivers, survivors, and their families.  All images are copyright protected.  If you are interested in using an image for advertising purposes, please contact us for custom pricing.


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  • Linda Smart

    Caption: “Are you talkin’ to me?”

  • Patty Samson

    “So. Heard any good jokes lately?”

  • Patty Samson

    “Have you lost weight?”

  • Jennie Krejci

    Do you come here often?

  • Kim Smith

    Where’s your tutu??

  • Linda Santackas Degnan

    Pardon me, but for a tutu Brief moment, I thought we’d met before.

  • Pam Feltenberger

    Well you are a strange looking bird, can you fly with those feathers?

  • Malinda Shepherd-Harris

    “nice bill…” ” “nice tutu…”

  • Leona Headley

    What are you looking at?

  • Rhonda Wootan

    are you a pelican or a pelican’t?