Help Others Using Art Therapy

art therapy the tutu project

A cancer diagnosis changes a person’s world; one emotion tumbles over another and tumbles over another. Art Therapy is a great way to address this and express feelings that words cannot explain. It’s inherently healing, can boost your mood and help alleviate the stress of a cancer diagnosis. Art is a great tool, not just to deal with a cancer diagnosis, but anyone looking for an outlet in their life.

Grab your pen, your pencil, your paper or your paint. Take a deep breath and dive in! Don’t worry about the results and let your emotions rip.  Then what?  Share it!

We’ve received illustrations from phenomenal artists expressing their support for The Tutu Project and given our community another outlet for laughter. A special thank you to the artists that have contributed work and have made a tremendous difference.

We’d love for you to join us! Contribute your work by posting it to our Facebook or emailing it to us at  It’s a great way to participate, and we will share it with those who need it most!