How bold will you be to show your support for those enduring breast cancer?

Go big and be bold by inviting your school, office, sports team, or neighborhood to join our Dare2Tutu campaign! Celebrate life and start a movement in your community today.

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At The Tutu Project, we believe people touched by breast cancer deserve more than one month of activism, they deserve daily empowerment. That’s why we created Dare2Tutu, a fundraising campaign for those living with breast cancer that you can activate in your school, with your athletic team, throughout your office, and everywhere else in between.

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Dare yourself, and your community, to do more.

Your donations won’t go to philanthropic overhead or product promotion, they’ll go to real people with real needs who are enduring breast cancer right now. That’s The Tutu Project promise.

Every donation, no matter how small, really does make a difference!

Why wait until October to show your support for those living with breast cancer? Celebrate life and support breast cancer thrivers and survivors all year-round with Dare2Tutu.

Start your breast cancer fundraising campaign today!

Shop the #Dare2Tutu Collection

Want to discuss getting your school, team or company involved in a big way? Contact us!