8-Year-Old Creates Pink Lemonade Challenge For Breast Cancer Research This July 4.
A mother to four young children, she was terrified.
The disease had already struck her mother, sister and grandmother.
So is her 8-year-old daughter, Brynne.
She pledged to double Brynne’s impact by matching every dollar she raised through selling the lemonade.
For her first go, Brynne was able to donate a total of $100 to BCRF.
One year later, Brynne is even more determined to make a difference – and wants others to do the same.
With July 4 approaching, she has been challenging others to create a pink lemonade stand on the holiday weekend to support BCRF.
“It can help people like my mom and other breast cancer patients,” she says.
To support Brynne’s second annual “Fight on the Fourth” pink lemonade stand, donate to her efforts here: https://give.bcrfcure.org/pinklemonadefightonthefourth Want take on Brynne’s challenge?

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