Last night we got a call from our friend Kevin who was on a business trip in Seattle and decided to go to the Mariners’ game.  Upon his arrival he witnessed a “tutu man” look-a-like, his wife and daughter wearing pink! Kevin approached them and told them that he knew us. The family was apparently super excited, and told him about how much they admired The Tutu Project™ (not that you couldn’t tell from the outfits!). Kevin promised to send this picture to us, so here it is. We also added it to our breast cancer honor wall!

The Tutu Project raises awareness for Breast Cancer

The man in this picture is not officially associated with The Tutu Project

We have to admit that it’s a strange sensation to witness something that we have loved for so long influence others in such a meaningful way. We really never expected that Bob’s images would impact so many families dealing with breast cancer. And we certainly didn’t think that a man could become a symbol for breast cancer! We are humbled, flattered and honored, with all of the love, positive energy and attention from across our country – including Seattle! If you know this man please tell him to “stop in” and visit us here or Facebook page!

Oh, and if you are interested in helping the Carey Foundation fundraise directly, contact us for more information. We’d love to get you “officially” involved.

PS: our lawyers force us to post that caption in the picture. It’s some fancy stuff about trademark protection! 😉

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