You believed in us from the start and we couldn’t have done it without you.  We are forever grateful for the support  you gave us when we were fundraising for Ballerina, the book that made all of this possible.

Abigail Doyle

Alan Fitzgerald

Alexis Light

Alicia Rivero Yamada

Alyce Stewart

Amanda Shuttleworth

Amber Lowi

Amy Kiernan

Amy Pieroni

Andrea Levitt

Andrew Muir

Andrew Wicklund

Angel Martin

Angela Dickson

Anne Connor

Ashley Gorman

Audre Broers

Barbara Crisp

Betty Jordan

Bob Galloway

Briana Buban

Brittany Kammerzell

Carol Vaughn

Carole Wunderlich

Catapult Strategic Design

Catharine Orn

Charla Rolph

Cheryl Miller-Akers

Chris and Katie McPherson

Chris Zawistowski

Christine Chronis

Christine Homan

Christopher Keech

Cindy Griffis

Corinne Myra

Craig Stull

Crystal Duffie

Cynthia Jeffrey

David Coven

Dan Shankman

Daniel Portnoy

David Breslauer

David Breschi

David Siegel

Dawn Brinker

Deborah Correnti

Delores Busch

Denise Hale

Edie Rogat

Elisabeth Santos

Emily and Bart Thrower

Erica Starway

Erin O’Brien

Frank Ellsworth

Gayle Robinette

Glenn Salyer

Gordon O’Neill

Grace Carter

Hani Khoury

Hanz Mink

Heather Leon

Henry Mattison

Howard Bates

Howard Embry

Ingenuity Design

J Lawrence Snavely

James Bayliss

James Olsen

Jane Wheeler

Janet Jeffries

Janet Shoffner

Janine Eggers

Janine Smith

Jean Lipkin

Jenny Moss Copywriting

Jeana Carey

Jenny Sanders

Jim Callahan

Jim Hamlin

Jodi Snyder

Joyce Hoffman

Joyce Project

Kang-ning CHEN

Katherine Boutry

Kathleen Berkowitz

Katie Szrom

Keith Roberts

Kimberly Alaniz

Kimberly Elsholz

Kimberly Scott

Laura Hazen

Laura P. Jonas

Laura von Gluck

Lauren Daddio

Leah Hocking

Lee Toepfer


Lily Szajnberg

Louise Edelman

Lynda Castellano

Lynne Boschee

M Squared Entertainment

Marci Eversole

Mark & Jessica Garcia

Mark Duebner

Marla Schwartz

Marta Kauffman

Marta Schooler

Mary Gaudio

Mary Katharine

Mary Scanlon

M C Greggor

Melanie Maass

Melissa Zaslow

Michael Parulski

Michelle Moss

Michelle Orsi

Montye Beamer

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Dzulynsky and kids

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Harding

Mr. & Mrs. Kmetz

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Patrick

Mr. Richard Wolkenberg

Mr. Robert Dutzi

Mr. Zachary Ruffing

Mrs. Laurie Dushey

Ms. Amy Philip

Ms. Claudia Harrison

Ms. Judy Hughes Susak

Ms. Laura Dutzi

Myra Fiori

Nathan Spang

Omar Soliman

Pamela Zoutte

Peggy Gartin

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bordes

Peter Mutascio

Phillip Hayes

Randa Stern

Rain Visual Strategies

Rebecca Madigan

Rebecca Ross and Paul Morris

Rebecca Snearly

Rick Lawall

Richard Neri

Risk Management

Robert Abbott

Sandra Kos

Sarah Weir

Scott Garfield

Scottish Dream Tours

Seth Rosen

Sharon Callahan

Shelyce Foster

Shirley Marsh

Stacy Barr

Stephen L. Tompkins

Steve Shankman

Sunbaked Software Inc.

Susanne Lee

Suzanne Marie

Suzie & Bertha Gunn

Teri Campbell

Terri Mayfield

Thai Park

The Hicks Family

The Molen Family

The Roche Family

The Shine Family

Theresa Herman

Thomas Duffy

Thomas Owens

Tim Nelson

Tina Montalbano

Tracey Johnson

Ursula Woinoski

Victoria Goodman

Will Chan

William Bridges

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