An Unexpected Bucket List Checkmark – The Tutu Project ‘Airplane’

First and foremost – let’s be clear, we do not use funds we raise to pay for travel expenses related to the Ballerina self-portraits Bob creates.  So rest assured, that we are not paying for airplanes (insert snarky smile here).  Okay, now I can continue…

I rarely pen our blog entries in the first person but there is no other way to tell it.  A few weeks ago, Vueling, the Spanish low-cost airline based out of Barcelona, Spain emailed Linda.  They said, “We are looking for people whose gestures or actions help restore our faith in human beings. We found Bob, and would like to name an airplane in your honor”. One week later, we were in Times Square filming.  The crew was unbelievable, and the results show the great chemistry between our teams. They captured Bob perfectly.


I have no doubt that both Linda and Bob have checked some cool things off their bucket list thanks to The Tutu Project – but this?  This is astounding.  This morning, when I first saw the video on Stories That Deserve an Airplane, I cried.  They deserve this and so much more for the worldwide message of bravery, hope and love that they have brought to those with cancer.  We thank Vueling for this very fun honor and hope we find our way to Spain to “meet our airplane” sometime soon.


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