Pinecrest resident Marg Brennan gets a visit from her extended family, over the long weekend.

Art makes a difference. At Pinecrest in Kenora, Theresa Wilson talks about how she helps residents through art therapy.

"What do I want for my mother-in-law. What do I want, in general, to see for individuals in long-term care. What I wanted to see was more quality of life, and that feeling of home. You weren’t coming here for a death sentence," she said.

makowski ann
Pinecrest resident Ann Makowski says she looks forward to making art, as part of her programming.

Jill Stelmaschuk was visiting her mother, Marg Brennan, who was an artist in her own right, before becoming a resident at Pinecrest.

"I think it’s relaxing. It takes time, and she just enjoys doing it. She always has," said Stelmaschuk.

Art Gagnon is a resident at Pinecrest, and he says he looks forward to the sessions.

"The thing is it relaxes you for an hour. It takes your mind off different things. You have an hour where you’re not in your room. You’re not watching the idiot box, and you’re trying to think what should I paint now," he said.

Gagnon was pleased to note that he even got an offer to buy one of his paintings.

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