Austin mother living 6 years with metastatic breast cancer (Photo: CBS Austin)

Most parents cherish moments like watching their children play outside or learn to read. But for Christina Duhon, those moments are on borrowed time.

“I was initially diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2010,” she said.

The news was received right after Duhon delivered her second child.

“I found out that it had spread to my liver and that it was metastatic,” she said.

Talking about it has become a little easier.

“I used to, every time I said I had cancer, I would cry and then I would say it was not curable then I’d cry some more,” Duhon said.

The news is still hard to swallow. Most metastatic breast cancer patients live just 2 to 3 years.

“That’s just devastating when you have a newborn and you’re like ‘I’m not even going to see this guy go to school or even walk and talk,’” Duhon said.

But numbers have not defined Duhon’s life.

“I’m in uncharted territory,” she said.

She is now going on 6 years living with metastatic breast cancer.

“You can live with it and thrive,” she said.

And she’s witnessing moments she dreamed about.

“I’ve gotten to see my kids go to elementary school,” Duhon said. “You can’t just overlook at how lucky you are to be where you are.”

Now Duhon dreams about one more moment.

“If I wanted it all it would be to be a grandmother to children,” she said.

For now she’s counting her blessings, instead of counting the days. To find out more information call the Breast Cancer Resource Center at 512-524-2560.

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