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Big brands are almost like demigods for photographers.  Truth be told, we work hard to reach the “big guys” and never really expect that when you meet them that they’ll be just like you and I.

It was an ordinary Thursday at work, lots of emailing, chatting on the phone finalizing events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and concepting a final project for the close of 2013.  Then what to my wondering eyes should appear but an email from a German advertising agency, DDB Tribal Group.  (Sorry, it must be the Christmas music in the stores!).

They asked to meet while they were visiting New York to present an idea to Bob and I. Oh, happy days!  We couldn’t begin to imagine what it could be and had to shelf any speculation. But then we met. Have you ever walked into a room of strangers and felt their warmth and sincerity?  Well, that’s what it was like from the very beginning of the meeting and never, ever could Bob and I anticipated what they shared with us.

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They presentation was wonderful and best of all, showed that they really understood the heart of The Tutu Project.  Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point.  The idea they presented…wait for it…

Telekom wanted to share our story through a commercial and print campaign in Germany!

Fast forward to the end of October.  The television commercial was scheduled over three days, the first one to be at our home.  At o’dark thirty the crew arrived.  Lots of them. With the efficiency of pros the house was quickly turned into a set and the fun began.  It was a wonderful three days; really how could it not be?  They treated Bob and I with every courtesy, and so much more.  Our business manager was sitting in the screening room and told us that while they were watching us film, our story moved them to tears.

After we “wrapped”, said our goodbyes and headed home, the extent of what we had just experienced hit me, straight in my heart.  I was overwhelmed with emotion, from meeting these kind and wonderful people to the warmth and kindness that they shared.  The enormity of trusting someone to share our life story, our personal struggle, was daunting but Bob and I never doubted that DDB and Telekom would share it in the manner that it was meant to be told.  And did they ever.  Stay tuned for the English version of our video very soon!  It launched in German today.

To Telekom, Bob and I thank you, and thank you again, for sharing our story.

Deutsche Telekom and The Tutu Project

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