The Making of “Little Boat” in Martha’s Vineyard at Black Dog docks.  This  one was not taken using the remote!!!  Here’s the story… Every year one of my best buddies, Doc does what he calls his “east coast walk about”. He flies from West to the East Coast and drives around for 2 weeks – and always picks me up for a little adventure. Last year we met up with Ross, another best friend from way back. Ross is a captain of a fishing boat. The boat had a dingy on board, and I thought it would cool to do a shot of me diving off of the bow all alone, with the ocean in the background. Ross was driving the boat and was hidden out of view of the camera, Doc was on a the dock (lol) taking the picture I set up. We used a cell phone on speakerphone to communicate, it was hilarious and one of the best memories ever.  Believe it or not, I did one dive and we got it in one shot!

What I forgot was when a tutu fills with water, it sinks fast! Luckily I noticed it was coming off of me and I hooked it with my foot before it was gone for ever! Good times!!!

Moral of the story, have an extra tutu with you at all times.

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