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Social Media has always been our greatest marketing asset but we never dreamed it would lead to this.  We met Dathan Manning through Facebook after Marcela (our business manager) and I posted our shoot location for “Central Park”.  It was 6 AM and he showed up to watch us set up the shot.  We couldn’t believe somebody was as crazy as we were!  He told us that he had been a ballet stage manager for over 14  years at the American Ballet Theatre.  In passing he asked if I would ever be interested in doing a shot at The Met.  Who wold have thought that a few months later, we would be standing on the greatest ballet stage in the world.  Dathan was critical during the shot yesterday.  He kept the tutu in perfect position and made sure that everything was perfectly choreographed.

On Stage at The Met

The most moving moment is never the shot.  It’s when the people that join me for it – be it by passers or participants, tell us why this project means so much to them.  One of the ballerinas in the photograph told me that her mother was a breast cancer survivor and that they had both been following The Tutu Project.  Her eyes teared up  when I handed her a signed book as a gift for her mom.

After the dress rehearsal and photograph were finished, Rachel Moore, the CEO of The American Ballet Theatre came down to meet me.  It’s always strange when I get to meet these successful corporate executives half-dressed.  And in a pink tutu!  I guess I’ll just never get used to it.

Thank you once again to everyone at The American Ballet and the The Metropolitan Opera House.  We hope to honor your kindness by sharing this print with the world.


Bob Carey :)b

Please remember that we do this to raise funds for the Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer.  Support our efforts!

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*RC Photography (owners of The Tutu Project) is a for-profit company.  We have dedicated The Tutu Project photographs to help fundraise for the Carey Foundation, our breast cancer non-profit organization.  “Swan Lake” product sales will donate 100% of the net proceeds to the Carey Foundation.

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