It’s been amazing how one person willing to give us an opportunity hoping to help our breast cancer cause has led to another. If you follow our stories you know that the Swan Lake image at The Metropolitan Opera House happened thanks to Dathan. And while shooting with the American Ballet, I met the wonderful Susan Jones (ABT Ballet Mistress).

She told me that her husband Larry was the Director of Tour Planning at Big Apple Circus. He was able to put me in the path of the person who could grant me permission to shoot with the circus. I was invited to shoot with the performers in Lake George, NY on Sunday, July 14th. I was invited to see the circus before I shot the tutu image and was amazed at how fantastic the circus was (I hadn’t been since I was a child). I shot in the ring before the first show on Sunday with the ringmaster and as a second shot, a contortionist. I also shot with the entire cast of the circus, everyone was great to work with and I’ve been invited back to the show at the Lincoln Center in October.

We will release additional images soon!

Thanks as always for your support as we try to help women with breast cancer through our efforts at The Carey Foundation.



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