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Three Horses. Monument Valley, Utah. 2010

Situation: Approaching three horses in Monument Valley (20 degrees Fahrenheit), it was beautiful and quiet until I hear this crazy commotion behind me. What I happened next was not expected... a jealous stallion was charging me, luckily I was closer to the car than he...

Dear Diary. April 21, 2018

Dear Diary, This is the veiw from my room and my last night at the Living Beyond Breast Cancer conference.  It has been beyond wonderful but I'm keeping it short because I'm very tired and can't think straight. Will write more later. Good night.     Living Beyond...

Parking Lot. Arizona State University

Situation: It's 1am, I am with my good friend Nate, we are at parking lot 59 at Arizona State University. Nate is with the camera on top of a six story parking garage with the camera. A UPS tractor trailer pulls into the parking lot about 50 yards away, his truck was...

Three Horses. Elmira, Mi

Scenario: Linda and I were in Northern Michigan visiting Linda's sister a few years ago. Linda's sisters (Lori) employee: Hey Lori, was your sister and brother-in-law in town this weekend? Lori: Yes, why do you ask? Lori's employee: I thought so, I was listening to...

Times Square, New York

Outtake from the holy grail of tutu photos ( Or I thought so at the time). Officer: "Excuse me sir, are your wearing anything under your tutu"? Me: Why yes, Officer, I am. (Whew!)

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Did you know?

That Bob and Linda Carey do not use foundation dollars to create these iconic images? In most cases, they take personal road trips to escape the difficult days a cancer diagnosis can cause.

In some amazing cases, a 'Company that Cares' will sponsor an image. This creates a win-win partnership. Our corporate sponsors get to show their support for breast cancer patients while funding our foundation.
If you are interested in speaking to us about a partnership, please contact Linda Carey at the Carey Foundation directly: 201-785-7974 or send us a quick note.

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