Our 2019 Advocates Program


This year, Pitney Bowes is helping us fundraise by donating the shipping costs of tutus to our advocates!

Here’s how easy it is to participate:

  • Join our Facebook Group here
  • Donate for a tutu. Thanks to Pitney Bowes, shipping is FREE!
  • Post your #Dare2Tutu picture to our group when you receive your tutu


Super advocates go one step further and fundraise on our behalf.

In addition to joining our Facebook Group , you’ll be asked to create a fundraising page. Once we verify that you are set up to fundraise, we will ship TWO tutus so that you and your friends can Dare2Tutu together! And of course, SHIPPING IS FREE thanks to Pitney Bowes!

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Our Dare2Tutu fundraising campaign runs from September 15 to November 15th. Top fundraisers and advocates will receive some really fun thank you’s from us throughout the campaign! Get everyone involved and post your #Dare2Tutu pictures everywhere to help us attain our fundraising goals.

A special thanks to Pitney Bowes and their support of Small Business Edge. Their SendPro Online Sending system is helping The Tutu Project expedite advocate tutu shipments while saving us critical dollars, which can be used to directly impact the lives of breast cancer patients.

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