We are excited to announce our newest t-shirt offering aimed at helping us spread breast cancer awareness, and raise funds for our non-profit.  Three black t-shirt designs are available through November 5th: men’s short sleeve, women’s short sleeve and a women’s tank.

T-shirts are delivered within three weeks after the close of the campaign, which means they will be in your hands just in time for the holidays.

Think Before You “Pink” – Transparency is Important!

T-shirts sell for $25.00 each via Booster,  an online platform which facilitates sales in 30-day cycles with no up front costs to the foundation.  The benefit?  We split revenue, and our 50% goes directly to the foundation.  It’s a big shift from the “old days” when we had to invest in inventory, and therefore risk spending without ultimately putting the money back into our non-profit!

Our average expenses are 20% of funds raised, which means that almost $10 of every sale is used to DIRECTLY fund our programs.

Why tell you all this? Because we want you to “think before you pink”.

There are so many amazing breast cancer non-profits doing amazing things for our community – from research to fly fishing!  We recommend that donors always understand where money goes before they purchase or donate.

Happy shopping and thanks for your support!



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