Ever wonder about the business side of The Tutu Project.  Well leave it to Wendy Hanson to dig in and ask!

Today we were honored to have been guests on the Business Innovators Blog Talk Radio Show with host Wendy Hanson.  We chatted the going “viral”… the good, the bad and the ugly.  Following is a list of key technology and social media resources that we use to manage and grow our fan base.  Here they are and why we use them!  A link to the show will be available shortly!

The Tutu Project’s Key Resources:

Dympol Charitable Checkout (Give & Get with The Tutu Project)


Allows us to drive donations through their “Give & Get” technology.  For example, our fans can give $1 and the technology will deliver a Tutu image for them to use as their Facebook or Desktop photo.  They can also deliver other incentives based on the amount they give.

SeeSaw (“See What We Saw” here: http://thetutuproject.sees.aw/)

SeeSaw allows real-time curation of your Twitter content.  You can track everything via a hashtag and save what you “Saw”.  You can direct traffic to your “Saw” board and share a visual experience of your Twitter universe.  It also allows you to have conversations within the board and let others experience it in a single place.

MailChimp (www.mailchimp.com)

Honestly this is like “email for dummies”.  It’s SUPER easy to manage and create campaigns with them.

HootSuite (www.HootSuite.com)

Social Network Management.  Improves productivity by managing all of your social networks within HootSuite. The dashboard is designed for you and your team to listen, engage and measure all from one simple interface.

Smart Phone (Mobile) Technology

We have partnered with PreferredApp.com to deliver an iPhone app.  This is currently under development and will soon allow our fans to download and share postcards through a simple app interface.

Twitter, Facebook and Buffer

While Twitter and Facebook don’t need much of an introduction, we do love Buffer.  It allows you to create a queau of tweets or Facebook posts so that you aren’t abusing your fan’s Timelines or Twitter feeds.  So if you know you have 5 messages for a single day, you can schedule them to go out throughout the day.


Website design and hosting which is VERY affordable because you don’t need a programmer to install and manage your website.





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