Breast cancer has been seen as a “woman’s disease”.  Even the pink color that represents breast cancer points to that.  But breast cancer can knock on anyone’s door.  And whether you are a man or woman with breast cancer, the rest of your family is affected too.

That’s what is really unique about the extraordinary the “men in pink” and the leading ladies in their lives.  Breast cancer has affected each of them differently, and they are battling it head on hoping to make a difference in the lives of others.  We want to call each of them “regular” people, but they are extraordinary – they wear their scars, tutus and fireman suits to fight this battle.  Heroes do like to dress in their own unique way!

These amazing people are coming together in New York City on October 31 and November 1st to close out Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Join us to meet them and some of the breast cancer survivors they help every day.

Eventbrite - Unity in Pink 2014 for Breast Cancer Awareness

Meet Marshall and Shannon from For 3 Sisters



For 3 Sisters was started in 2011 by retired Montgomery County, Maryland career firefighter, Marshall Moneymaker, and his wife, Shannon Moneymaker after Marshall lost three older sisters to breast cancer. Overwhelmed with grief, Marshall started sharing his story and expressed an interest in doing more for the breast cancer community. In support and gratitude of Marshall’s awareness and outreach efforts, Marshall’s fire department shift mates surprised Marshall with pink firefighter gear. Friends and local media dubbed him “The Pink Fireman” and, in honor and memory of his three sisters, For 3 Sisters was born.

For 3 Sisters’ mission is to raise awareness and improve the quality of life for men and women affected by breast cancer. Marshall’s story and the work of For 3 Sisters has been featured on Good Morning America, the Washington DC affiliates of FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, and CNN. For 3 Sisters’ main programs include Power of ONE, Road to Resources, McKenzie’s Corner, and the recently launched Men’s Caregiver Support Group. Marshall and Shannon have become activists in the breast cancer community through the unique programs offered by For 3 Sisters.

Meet the Male Breast Cancer Coalition team:

Cheri Ambrose, Bret Miller, Peggy Miller, and Mark Spark Welch 


Cheri Ambrose and Bret Miller are the co-Founders of the   

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) is a collection of foundations, male survivor journeys and various medical professionals coming together to bring awareness to Male Breast Cancer. The mission of The Male Breast Cancer Coalition is clear, to provide a place for men who have been affected by breast cancer to go and know they are not alone. They are not freaks. They are in fact very real and perfectly normal.  To provide them with all the tools necessary to make informed decisions and to guide them to the best of the best in the medical world.

“Over the past four years I came to know far too many men who had gone through, were going through or who had lost their battle with this awful disease and this made my mission even clearer, “Tell The World that Men Get Breast Cancer Too!”  ~ Cheri Ambrose

Bret Miller was a seemingly normal 24 year old, athletic, healthy guy that has had this Lump in his right breast since the age of 17.  Today Bret is 28 years old and a 4 year breast cancer survivor. As Bret began his fight against cancer, he realized that he is not alone.  Bret wants to help other men be aware of their own bodies, thru The Bret Miller 1T Foundation, Bret and his mother Peggy created which is a source of available information, support and direction for anyone that needs help for themselves while battling breast cancer.

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition is a Non Profit Organization that is awaiting 501(C) 3 approval. Until approved, any funds will go to the Bret Miller 1 T Foundation and will be used toward the funding of our male Breast Cancer documentary, produced by team member Mark Welch.

The Tutu Project for the Carey Foundation


And of course there is Bob and his leading lady, Linda Carey – co-creators of The Tutu Project.  Bob’s self-portraits in a tutu have traveled the world and become a symbol of hope, laughter and inspiration.  Find out more about this creative duo.  The Carey Foundation provides funds to other breast cancer related non-profits that provide services directly to breast cancer patients and their families.

We hope that these extraordinary men and women inspire you.  Their courage in the face of this terrible disease is admirable.  We hope you will come meet all of us at our event, which closes October’s Breast Cancer Awareness activities.




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