The Carmelite Monastery is where the Santa Fe Photography Workshops is held throughout the year.  I have been going there since 1996 and those workshops pretty much changed my life by introducing me to the most, talented photographers and students I have ever met.  World renowned photographers like Mary Ellen MarkAlbert Watson, Nadav Kander, and  many,  many more that I still admire and am in touch with today.  Including of course Laurie Kratochvil, the amazing picture editor for my book.

I loved arriving there because the nuns would wave to us when we would drive by as they were mowing the lawn, no joking!!  I have been using that bathroom since 1996 and always loved the angles and lighting in there.  Decided to throw on the tutu and see what I could get.  I just kept moving around the bathroom until I found the right angle.

The reaction to this image is always interesting.  I guess I do have a “what am I doing in this tutu” look about me.  It is lonely, but what I see the most are the amazing lines in this bathroom and the contrast in color.

What does it make you feel?  

How would you caption it?

~ Bob Carey

This image was included in Bob’s photography book, Ballerina, dedicated to women with breast cancer. >>>


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