Cheer Up a Special Someone Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Nominate Yourself or a Friend for a Tutu Cheer Package

An act of kindness can go a long way in cheering up a breast cancer patient.  We would love to send someone living with breast cancer a little surprise cheer in the mail.

Linda, our founder, remembers using the healing energy of the cards she received in the mail when she was first diagnosed.  She called them “covers of love” that always made her feel better. We want to help pass that feeling on to someone else!

The nominee will receive a set of postcards with a special note from Linda, along with some other treats.  We can’t tell you what it is (depends on what supplies or products we have available) but we will get something to randomly selected individuals on this list.

Don’t sell yourself short… if you are going through breast cancer, get yourself on our list. You deserve a little extra love too!

Here is how this works:

  • The person you are nominating must actively be in treatment for breast cancer
  • We will send  an email confirming the nominee has been selected
  • If a 3rd party nominated a person, both people will receive an email. Sorry, but because we are sourcing personal information (name, address), the person nominating someone may not remain anonymous
  • The nominee will receive a “Tutu Care Package” in the mail
  • At this time cheer packages can only be shipped within the United States
  • Please note that we send out a maximum of five packages per month
  • There are no guarantees that someone nominated will receive a package but as we grow we will continue to increase the number of packages that go out!

My information:

What is your relationship to the person you are nominating?

If you are nominating someone other than yourself:

Recipient Address:

Tell us about the reason you are making this nomination::


The fine print:

By submitting this information, you understand that we will announce winners of these packages on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website, etc.). The announcement will only include your first name and the nominee’s first name (not the entire name for privacy reasons). If you want to submit any additional information (pictures, Twitter or Instagram handles, your story) we would be proud to include it. Our mission is to spread cheer while raising funds, so we hope you’ll share this story too!
By agreeing below, you confirm that you agree with the process outlined above. Good?


Learn More:

Did you know?

That Bob and Linda Carey do not use foundation dollars to create these iconic images? In most cases, they take personal road trips to escape the difficult days a cancer diagnosis can cause.

In some amazing cases, a 'Company that Cares' will sponsor an image. This creates a win-win partnership. Our corporate sponsors get to show their support for breast cancer patients while funding our foundation.
If you are interested in speaking to us about a partnership, please contact Linda Carey at the Carey Foundation directly: 201-785-7974 or send us a quick note.

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