Hello Tutu Community!

We hope your emotional and physical health are both having one of the “good days”.

We are hoping to talk to some of you about a topic that keeps coming up in our community.

We are looking for men or women with metastatic breast cancer that are interested in providing their point of view for a series of interviews called “Between the Pink”. If you have a point of view and you are newly diagnosed or a caretaker, please feel free to speak up too!

Here is some food for thought:

During “Pinktober” we see a lot of discussion about the pinkification of October by companies (and sometimes people) that don’t give patients or research the donations they supposedly drive using “pink”. Some are also of the opinion that the color pink “lightens” a very serious issue.

Linda remembers how “pink” gave her hope when she was first diagnosed, and that she eventually grew weary of watching companies that don’t do enough while using breast cancer to market. Education about pinkwashing is critical, and we should all be outspoken about it.

We are obviously proactive in our mission to cheer up cancer patients with Bob’s creation of Ballerina. However, Linda and the “tutu” family live beyond the pink daily as we handle life with metastatic breast cancer. To us, it’s less about the color pink or blue, and more about the action that makes a difference.

How do you feel about companies that use Pink to promote when they are not a charity or service provider in the breast cancer community?

What does “pink” mean to you? Love it? Hate it? Why?

Do you want to share your point of view by talking to us directly or writing a blog entry?  We would love to chat! If enough people respond, we can even schedule an online Facebook chat.

Respond to us directly here!

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