If you have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, it may feel as though you’ve just stepped onto a roller coaster. And as much of a physical toll cancer takes on our bodies, it can also take a heavy toll on our mental health.

Everyone reacts differently, and that’s completely okay. The most important thing to remember during this frightening time is that it’s okay to lean on others for support.

You don’t have to go through this alone. There are many different ways to find support and several ways to manage the intense and wide range of emotions following a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Support

The initial diagnosis can feel overwhelming. Particularly since there are a multitude of questions to ask and many uncertainties to contemplate. These uncertainties can intensify your anxiety.

Here are a few simple suggestions to help emotionally cope with breast cancer:

  • Use trusted resources to find information on how to help yourself during this time. Visit informative websites like Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Susan G. Komen.
  • Join breast cancer support groups on social media. There are Facebook groups that offer support and community. Whether you are looking for answers to what happens next, how treatment works, or how to manage your emotions, connecting with individuals who have gone through the experience can help ease your mind
  • Blog about your experience. In combination with joining support groups, writing about your personal experience with breast cancer can not only give you an outlet for your emotions but can also allow others to realize they are not alone. Some people find that helping others also helps themselves.

Take Time to Focus on Yourself

There are different coping strategies that may help you during this challenging and emotional time. This is the perfect opportunity for you to take extra good care of yourself. Doing so will have both physical and mental benefits.

  • Eat good food to fuel your body and mind. Studies suggest that having a balanced, healthy diet can improve your mood. A positive mindset and energy from good nutrition will help you tackle each day as it comes.
  • Take time to rest. A cancer diagnosis can be exhausting; it’s okay for you to rest and relax. Allow yourself to put tasks on pause so you can regain the energy to be productive again.
  • Spend time with the people you care about and do things that make you feel good. Doing simple things every day to take care of yourself has a significant impact on your mental health. Identify activities that bring comfort, joy, and relax you. For example, ask friends or family members to bring you games, books, or stop by to watch a movie. When you feel good, it’s much easier to look at cancer head-on.

Breast Cancer Emotional Healing

Healing emotionally from breast cancer can feel so hard. Remember that in this whole process, you are never alone. There are healthcare professionals, family members, friends, and loved ones who want to stand by you as you heal. Coping emotionally with breast cancer starts with caring for yourself and focusing on your mental needs to help you get through this experience.

If at any time you feel you need more support, please reach out to us at hello@thetutuproject.com. We’re here to help.

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