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Each year, Bloomingdale’s support Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, and The Tutu Project their Give Pink, Get More campaign.

By supporting these three charities, Bloomingdale’s is not only fighting to find a cure for breast cancer through funding research, but we also are supporting programs that make a positive impact on people and their families in communities across the nation whose lives are affected by this disease on a daily basis. -Tony Spring, Chairman, and CEO


Bloomingdale’s is the Major Supporter of The Carey Foundation.

We still pinch ourselves every time we see Bob’s Ballerina on the most beautiful checkered floor in the world–and–when we read Bloomingdale’s press release announcing our partnership in 2012.

The Tutu Project continues its efforts to help raise funds for women with breast cancer through a partnership with Bloomingdale’s and as part of the retailers annual Pink campaign supporting breast research and awareness.

Just a few simple words but they have had a significant impact on our ability to expand The Tutu Project and help the breast cancer community. In addition to their financial support, last year they displayed a retrospective of the tutu images in their NYC 59th Street store windows and with the use of blue tutus helped bring awareness to male breast cancer. No words are ever enough to express our gratitude to philanthropist Anne Keating and her staff.

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