Dedicated to Alexander Khenkin and his wife Liya, who has been battling stage 4 breast cancer and is undergoing a procedure tomorrow. Our thoughts are with you as you get through another tough day.

Alexander wrote us:

I love what you are doing and your images are incredible. My wife has been battling stage 4 breast cancer since 2009. Thank you for your work. I want to share the following with you because I know you know:

O.R. Kisses
The day after tomorrow I will lean over and kiss her on the forehead, as I’ve done many times before, sending her into yet another procedure. Biopsy, ooforectomy, liver resection, mastectomy, external radiation, internal radiation, lung ablation. A kiss on the forehead after a kiss on the forehead. And then they wheel her away. I call these Operating Room Kisses. The worst kind of kiss that I have experienced to date. It’s the kiss that says “I know where you’re going and what you’re going through and I can’t do a damn thing about it.” I hate O.R. Kisses for what they stand for and I love them because if there are O.R. Kisses then she’s still here to give them to.

Written by: Alexander Khenkin

We are so thankful for all the notes and images that we get from our supporters. We always ask for your permission to include your name in any stories we share. Alex and Liya, thank you for allowing us to share your story and in turn, show others that they are not alone in how they are feeling as they battle breast cancer.

About Liya & Alexander: Together for over 20 years, Liya and Alexander have two beautiful children together. Liya lived over 8 years with Metastatic Breast Cancer. 8 years during which she maintained her life and balanced work and family life. She used art and writing as an escape, and we are honored that her husband has shared her stories (and his art) with us. We hope this Life Beyond Breast Cancer tribute is an inspiration to other couples living with this disease.

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