The past week has been a roller coaster of emotions and events, thank you, breast cancer. You know I’m not afraid to share, so here it goes.

Last week I finally got to my check-up, after blood tests, bone scans, chest x-rays and a letter from my doctor saying she would be leaving soon.

Not sure you know but, most if not all, cancer patients dread the tests, scans and appointments. Thinking is it back? Am I ok? Why this scan? Why that test?

Results for me: I am doing ok, no cancer but, I am suffering bone loss. Not a surprise considering family history, in menopause and my medication.

Ok, so another pill or two or 4 (lots of calcium and vitamin D and a prescription). I’ve heard others do fine and reverse the effects so finger crossed.

I’m ok, I’m alive and I’m doing everything I can to live it up.

Yesterday, I woke up to the news that the beautiful Champagne Joy had passed away suddenly.

You may remember a recent interview I did with Champagne about her and #Cancerland.

Champagne Joy had Stage IV breast cancer. There is no cure.

Too many people I know either in real life or friends from Facebook have passed, Holley Kitchen, Becky Scott, Sarita…

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