So yes, there is a man that uses his mad skills as a photographer to create beautiful images that help bring some levity to the realities of life with breast cancer…

Now YOU are wondering: Am I crazy enough to #Dare2Tutu?

We say sure! Why not!  Here are three fun ways to participate – with and without the tutu!

1. Just Do It! Buy a tutu and go have some fun!

Be creative and share your willingness to get a little crazy in honor of those with breast cancer.

Did you know that by buying a tutu for breast cancer awareness at our store, you make a contribution to our foundation?!? Every purchase makes a difference.  Want to do more – join our #Dare2Tutu breast cancer campaign as a fundraiser, and become eligible to win some fun prizes.

Cathy Ogrady Fundraises for Breast Cancer

2.  Tell Your Story – Who do you #Dare2Tutu for?

Follow this link for a #Dare2TUTU print-at-home template!


3.  Finally, take “Ballerina Bob” with you everywhere you go!

How many places can you take Bob? Don’t forget to tag your pictures #Dare2TUTU so that we can share your story with the world!  You can find “Ballerina Bob” on the last page of this print-at-home template.


Remember that ultimately, we are here to help men and women with breast cancer by funding daily expenses not covered by insurance.  Do not forget to donate, and spread the word!


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