While this may sound odd; when I was younger, I’d open the dictionary, close my eyes and randomly choose a new word to learn.  Just a little hobby and one that most likely was the result of hearing my father, rather than answer my questions, tell me to, “Look it up.” That used to annoy me. Although as an adult, I understand that he wanted me to think on my own.  But, I digress.

Serendipity was a word that I thought had a nice ring to it.  Serendipitous–same word, similar meaning, like one that too.  This word comes to mind when I think of THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser.  In June, I received an email from them, asking if we had a moment to chat.  So what does one do at this point?  Google!

Introducing the WeCare Program from THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser

What I discovered is that this is a group of dedicated, young professionals with a mission to help families dealing with breast cancer very similar to ours, and they found us, what luck!  Their WeCare Program “Will allow THE BCF to distribute care packages to newly diagnosed (breast cancer) patients in economically disadvantaged areas. Designed from the first-hand experiences of young breast cancer survivor, Erin Monroe, The WeCare package is made up of 5 components essential to patient support. Comfort. Journey. Beauty. Health and Wellness. Loved Ones”. This organization was perfect!

Their mission aligns with ours, so the next step was easy. We are proud to announce that the Carey Foundation has added THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser to the list of organizations that have received a  grant from us.  By helping fund this wonderful organization, we continue to serve the men and women with breast cancer we are so committed to help.

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