Raising Breast Cancer Awareness One Image at a Time…

Scenario:  Wonderful park in Northern Michigan.

Detective and a uniform police officer walk over the hill and approach Linda and I.

Detective: What are you doing here?

Me: Making a photograph for an art project I am working on.

Linda: Let me show you what we are doing, Linda shows them my portfolio.

Police: Well, we received a call from the elementary school over hill and they said a grown man in a tutu was dancing around in the park. The teachers were concerned that the students might see the big old ballerina when they got out of school.

Me: So what would you like us to do officer?

Police: As long as you are out of here by 3:00pm there is no problem.

Me: Thanks officer but I think we already got the shot we need, so we can leave now.

Police: Okay great, have a nice day!

Linda and I: You too! 🙂

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