Our team has been working day and night to fulfill book orders in time for Christmas. We have literally had hundreds of orders, and we are SO GRATEFUL.

We did everything we could to get orders out on time. Most orders placed by the December 15th Christmas deadline have made it to the post office. However, at this point we can not guarantee that all books will make it to you by Christmas.  The tracking number for the post office only tells us that the book has left our home.

We created this print at home “gift card” just in case you don’t receive your order and were planning to give it as a gift. We hope this will help those of you that don’t receive your book on time. If for some reason you prefer a refund, please email Linda (at) thetutuproject (dot) com.

We know how important this is to you. And we deeply appreciate your support and patience as we complete more orders.

Thank you for your understanding,

Linda Carey

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