The Tutu Project was in Berlin as a part of the Telekom “Life is for Sharing” campaign. If there is any doubt as to why they thought our project made sense for the idea that “Life is for Sharing”… then this makes it clear. Without today’s mobile and internet capabilities, this would never be able to happen. It’s why our campaign went viral, and why we are fortunate enough to touch lives all over the world.

The Story
Ulrike Pusch approached Bob and Linda at a meet and greet to tell us the story of her best friend suffering from breast cancer. She told us that her friend was a HUGE fan but not well enough to travel. She asked if we would call her. Here is that touching moment. This was one of the most emotional parts of our trip, and reminds our team why we do this every day.

While we can’t hear everything Ina said, you can hear the emotion in her voice.

Since the call, we were able to get in touch with Ina and got permission to post her story. Here it is, and THIS IS WHY we love that Bob and Linda’s work makes even a difference.

A Note from Ina Elena via Facebook below.  Ina, thank you for sharing your story with us!!!!

I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer on 23.12.2008. I went through chemo, mastectomy of the right breast and radiation. Unfortunately it did not work, April 2010 they found two metastasis and Chemo started all over again. After a break I really needed, they again found 2 new ones January 2012. Since then I´m treated with herceptin. Every three weeks. Tomorrow will be the next!

During the whole time everyone I know is always telling me, that they admire me and how I still enjoy life. They wonder how I and my family (Kiana 10 years/Yara 8 years and my wonderful, caring and loving husband Carsten) manage not to lose faith. I really don´t know myself but I always answer, because we love life and it loves us, the sun is always shining for me every day and we enjoy every minute given to us. Still they shake their head, not understanding.

That is because we all love what you are doing, because it is exactly the only one thing helping to understand how it works. Life is so full of wonder, joy, happiness, love and friendship, you have to open your ears and eyes. Allow them to feel it, just as Bob and Linda do, they help do that!! During the call I could not stop crying because of sheer joy!! The love of Ulrike to do that for me, Bob and Lindas voices and kind words. Two people who know what it means tu suffer from cancer without the need of explainig anything!!

Thank you! Ina

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