Roughly. There may have been a few times I went four weeks rather than the usual every three but the idea is the same. I’ve had a lot of Herceptin pumped into my body. It goes without saying, but I need it to build up to one short thought, that is a lot of visits to the cancer center.  One would think it would be a breeze, I buzz in and I buzz out. Routine.

Today was different, I felt very isolated.

Living with metastatic disease can be very lonely. People forget that their support–a phone call, a text–can make a difference on treatment day. Please don’t take this wrong, this is not meant to step on any ones toes or raise any hairs on any necks. But I felt alone.

Today I felt like a patient and not someone that is a little inconvienced for having to stop by the cancer center for an IV with a bit of “juice.”  I haven’t felt this way in some time.

I felt like a patient and it made me very sad.


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