Friends and Family of Our 2021 Supporters

In Memory

Maureen Mother | Clara Stuart Reichertz Mother | Joanne Senecal Family Friend | Margee Halligan Mom | Linda Waters Family Friend | Pablo Diaz A Dear Friend in Cuba | Mary Jane Handke Mom | Lisa Carbon Mother | Joan and Connie Mom and Sister | Lisa Cottingham Wife | Doris Cottingham Mother | My Mom & All Other Moms One of Their Children | My Mom & All other Moms One of Their Sons | Dorothy Coyne Grandma | Cindy’s Mom Friend | Marilyn Lee and Virginia Washington Sister and Mother | Carolyn Hux Aunt | Shahnaz  Sister | Reva Egorin Niece | Mary Allison Mother | Bertha Landauer Grandmother | Tracy Watson Sister | Gia Vacek-Tiscareno Broker/Client | Lee Eisenmesser Brother-In-Law | Mom Gone Too Soon | Maxine and Ruby Grandmother and Aunt | Betti Lorraine Grow Sister | Lynne Cochran Robinson Niece | Susan Dishner Son | Edwina Bacon and Pauline Cunningham Great Aunt and Mother-In-Love | Laura Kilcoyne Mother | Winnifred Correa Mother | Ellen Grandmother | Liya Khenkin Sister-In-Law | Edna Berberian Son | Dorothy Katherine Oldfield Son-In-Law | Dorothy Oldfield Other Daughter | Dottie Oldfield Admirer, and Loving Friend | Dorothy Oldfield Friend | Dorothy Katherine Oldfield Friend’s Mom | Dorothy Katherine Oldfield Family Friend | Kathy Plotts Dear Friend | Linda Hill Friend | Lillian Carey Friend of Family | Dorothy K Oldfield Friend | William J. Morgan Beloved Father

In Honor

Marilyn St John Mother | Molly Villager Friend | Madeline Mom | Linda Hinson Aunt | Meredith Miller Friend, Son | Kathleen Kohan Aunt and Godmother | Michelle Walker Colleague | For All Women of Courage | Amy Boissonneault Perham Childhood Friend | Grandma Betty and Aunt Linda | Ray Leet & Betty Leet  Father & Grandmother | Sharon Sister | Sara Matthys Friend | Nancy Harvey Friend | Charles Mitchell  Father-In-Law | Jane Aunt | Rachel Pool Friend | Donald O’Connell | Sue Waltzer Mother-In-Law | Samantha, Cathie, & Laura, Friend | Kim Friend | Jeanette Joseph Mother | Dali K My Best Friend | Family members battling and who have battled (including myself) and those who have gone onto a better place | Ellen Trnka Friend | Nismi Hammond Aunt | All of the beautiful women battling | Linda Ward Like a second mom to me | Martha Alvarez Mother | Karen Welch Sister | Christine Cundiff Family | Freida Bergmann Friend | Rene Murrieta Sister | Leslie Houx My Friend | Patrice Williams Fellow Associate at Angel Oak Lending | Diane Fazioli Mother | Freida and My Mom | Freida, Teresa, Michelle & Wilma Friends | Freida | Frieda Bergmann Co-Worker | Maggie Mom | Paige Walker Friend | Nada Trenkovic Grandmother | Lois C. Thompson Grandmother | Cancer Survivors | All Individuals in Need Friend | Clyde | Lattice Jones Childhood Friend | Morgan Doyle Family | Claudia Gonzalez Sister | Melissa Kitchen Family & Friends | Linda Friend | Lily Sister | Katherine Neva Friend | Helen S. Carlos Sister-In-Law | Mel Mother | Rose Granddaughter | Lovely Linda Friend

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