Be like Bob

In 2015 we began what would be our annual fundraising event, Dare2Tutu. People love Bob’s photographs in his pink tutu, and it seemed like it made sense to invite others to do the same. It was a simple idea; purchase a tutu, make a donation, and show your support of the breast cancer community by posting a photograph. Our goal was to cheer a patient’s day and inspire others to join. Dare2Tutu is also a way for corporations to use social good to unite their employees. In this spirit, Jet Linx Aviation, a cherished partner, began their annual campaign inviting clients and employees to don a tutu. Over the past five years, they have raised over $180,000!

Help during COVID

In March, as soon as the COVID “stay at home” orders spread across the US, the breast cancer community, so many with compromised immune systems, faced delays in treatments and testing with the possibility of a loss of income. The Tutu Project’s immediate response was to reach out to our partner, Vital Options International, quickly creating a grant program that would offer qualified breast cancer patients financial assistance. To date, we have donated $40,000 to the program helping our community with groceries and paying utility bills. However, there is an urgency to raise funds; we still receive an incredible amount of applications, easily 200 a week. It’s heartbreaking to read the stories of need, yet the solution is simple to state; raise more money. We need your help to make this happen. 

How you can help

For our 2020 donation drive, we include a tutu for donations of  $25 or more. Together, we can participate in small ways of supporting our breast cancer community, emotionally and financially. We invite you to wear the tutu, photograph yourself, friends, and family and post the photo using the hashtag #Dare2Tutu. If a photograph seems like a minor contribution, know that your picture is a quick way to bring a smile to a breast cancer patient’s face.

Creative ways to use a pink tutu

Not sure you want to wear a tutu? How about decorating a tree in pink tulle? It’s a great way to share the project with your neighbors and invite them to participate. Over the years, we have had very creative photographs posted. Your pet turtle? Yep. We’ve also found that cats and dogs are great sports! Or, you can be like Bob.  


We all need laughter and cheer during this uncertain time. Bob and Linda have discovered that the tutu has become a welcome distraction; to date, they have created five humorous quarantine videos. Share with us how you’ve been dealing with staying at home during COVID and add that tutu!

Please help us change the lives of breast cancer patients and their families.

We can’t thank you enough for your support!



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