Life BEYOND Breast Cancer

Poetry: The Veil

I am a veil, A sheath of newness and despair, A film of shadow and of light, A cover not quite there. I fasten readily to hair, To hats of wool and crowns of gold. I dress the plain, adorn the rich, Praise youth and hide the old. And whether it is warm or cold I'm...

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These Days

Here is a better explanation of what is going on. Another MaryAnne DiCanto poem of sorts. Sorry everyone, turns out this is my best way of expressing the loss. These Days These days I go to bed to the sound of the birds waking up. Those hours just before sunrise when...

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Did you know?

That Bob and Linda Carey do not use foundation dollars to create these iconic images? In most cases, they take personal road trips to escape the difficult days a cancer diagnosis can cause.

In some amazing cases, a 'Company that Cares' will sponsor an image. This creates a win-win partnership. Our corporate sponsors get to show their support for breast cancer patients while funding our foundation.
If you are interested in speaking to us about a partnership, please contact Linda Carey at the Carey Foundation directly: 201-785-7974 or send us a quick note.

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