LympheDIVAs creates beautiful and medially correct compression apparel for breast cancer survivors with lymphedema. They are softer than other compression sleeves, and they are, without a doubt, the best looking. We are proud to share the news that they have created a sleeve for The Tutu Project and are donating 25% of each purchase!

“I’ve been living with lymphedema for many years and love LympheDiva products. When I received the email that they wanted to create a compression sleeve for The Tutu Project, I was beyond excited!

Lymphedema is when extra fluid builds up in your tissue when your lymphatic system isn’t working well, usually because lymph nodes were damaged or removed. Breast cancer patients can develop lymphedema after mastectomies or radiation. It can be painful and is often treated with physical therapy, followed by wearing compression garments every day.

A diagnosis of lymphedema can be daunting, but the fashionable LympheDiva compression garments lend a positive spin to healing. Use the links below to purchase your Tutu products. Your discount will be applied automatically to your cart.

Sleeve Gauntlet Glove

Thank you, LympheDivas, for your generous support of The Tutu Project and Breast Cancer community!

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