Sometimes in life you just have to take a chance, and this is one of them! I’m talking about taking the chance that she may not want me to do this but I must open the curtain, sort of like on the Wizard of OZ when the curtain is flung open to reveal a secret strength behind that giant, green head, (okay, she’s nothing like that guy and there’s no giant head involved but I’m trying to illustrate a point here). I  must, absolutely must, let you know about this wonderful woman, one that Bob and I are so fortunate to have her our team.  BUT, before I continue, let me make this perfectly clear, she’s not only our business manager but she’s a treasured friend and confidante.

There’s so much more; she’s a five o’clock (AM folks) dynamo, highly proficient translator of chemo brain, a calmer-downer (not a word but I’m taking liberty here) and a very patient advisor.  She’s one that, as we drive home from a weekend event, provokes uncontrollably laughter as we flash back to Bob’s antics. And fortunately for me, she recognizes my fatigue, even when I adamantly deny it.

You won’t see her lovely face in any interview but she’s hanging out in the green room, in a full tilt Twitter mode, sharing our adventures with you.  She’s not in any press photos but is off to the side, ready to offer an encouraging word or better yet – add a comment that makes me laugh loudly, which has the instant ability to calm my jitters.  Her phenomenal support is seen by so few that I must let you know who she is.

Her name is Marcela Shine.

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