We are loved! Add in a whole lot of thankful, and we send this straight to Naam Yoga in Arizona. Why? Because this year our cherished friends held two fundraisers to raise nearly $3,000. Yes, $3,000!

Before we continue, we would like to share just who Naam Yoga is and what they are about.  Located in Mesa, Arizona, and run by Nicole Coyle, their mission is to empower people to improve their lives, heal themselves and support them in the process of balancing the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. They use healing science and yogic practice that works with sound, movement, and breath to restore the entire body.  This sounds like nirvana!

Back to the fundraiser; we had a few calls with Naam to discuss what they had in mind. It was straightforward-they sold event tickets which included a yoga class and a reception with light refreshments. Tutus were ordered from our website, we offer discounts to group fundraisers, we sent them “Ballerina Bob” stickers, and they had attendees write caring notes to breast cancer patients which we share in our community.  Done.

Linda and Bob send an enormous thank you to Nicole, Robin, and Michelle, and Team Tutu greatly appreciates their hard work and dedication to our mission.  Bob happened to be in town for work and was able to attend. Did we mention fun?               

  Contact us to learn more about fundraising: hello@thetutuproject.com.


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