We are a primarily volunteer-driven team passionate about helping the breast cancer community.

Our Founders

Bob Carey

Bob Carey is the photographer and subject of “Ballerina” images featured in The Tutu Project.  His series of stunningly silly videos and still self-portraits was originally created as a personal artistic photograph for the Arizona Ballet and later expanded as a way to deal with his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Bob is a commercial photographer, Co-founder of the Foundation and The Tutu Project. Among others, Bob has worked for Men’s Health, ForbesLife, “O” Oprah Magazine and worked on ad campaigns for Lexus, MasterCard and Honeywell.  Bob is a speaker and breast cancer advocate.  He speaks about the power of art and humor as a way to cope with life’s difficult moments.

Linda Carey

Linda Carey is the President of the Carey Foundation, the non-profit supported by The Tutu Project.  Linda co-founded The Tutu Project after her husband’s self-portraits in a tutu went viral.

As President and Co-founder of the Foundation, she is passionate about providing support to those diagnosed with breast cancer. As a 12-year survivor with metastatic disease, she understands the emotional roller coaster brought about by a diagnosis of cancer. Linda’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of those living with breast cancer and to provide inspiration–by example– that one can live a full life with breast cancer. She speaks at conferences about Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer as a chronic disease, and about how art and photography have helped her cope with her diagnosis.

Our Board of Directors

In addition to Bob and Linda Carey, the following individuals are a part of the success of our organization as Board Members.

Marybeth Leet

Marybeth has worked in healthcare for over 40 years and has been an integral part of the education and ethics committees. She is deeply involved in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and most recently, trained employees as the hospital transitioned to electronic medical records. Her life has been profoundly changed by losing her husband to cancer, which fuels her dedication to help families who struggle financially. She understands when a family member has cancer, the entire family is affected.

Leslie Konigsberg Levy

Leslie is the director of Tripp Lake Camp and served many years as a clinical social worker at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. Her experience as a camper and counselor has given her a deep appreciation for Tripp Lake’s traditions and, coupled with her time as a social worker, a unique perspective on the benefits for a young girl of summers spent at Tripp Lake. Her knowledge, vast experience and commitment to family are welcome components for our board.

Marcela Shine

Marcela Shine has been with the team from day one.  Marcela Shine is the digital strategist and operational advisor to The Tutu Project.  She has been in digital marketing for over fifteen years and has grown The Tutu Project’s community while supporting partnership development.

Marcela is currently COO of OneQube.  She has held CEO, COO, and Product Strategy positions in venture-backed software as a service startups. Marcela is a partner in Avanzar Ventures, which makes seed investments in online marketing technology. She also serves on the advisory board of companies such as The Tutu Project (for Carey Foundation), CancerLIFE, and Primero lo Primero. Marcela was born in Medellin, Colombia and has deep ties to her community there.  She is a proud mom of two boys.


Kevin Shine

Kevin Shine is Vice President of Operations at Vestorly.  Kevin and his wife Marcela (our advisor) have volunteered countless hours to our foundation in honor of his father, whom they lost to cancer in 2010.

Kiku Collins

Kiku has established herself at the heights of pop, jazz and R&B as a trumpet player (and occasional backup singer). During this musical journey around the world, backing up some of the biggest names in music both on stages and television, she was diagnosed with IDC. Since 2012, she has been traversing her career while going through surgeries, radiation, and other treatments – even two appearances at The White House – the first being 3 weeks before her reconstruction, as her radiation burns were fading. According to Jazz Journal International, “Ms. Collins plays trumpet and flugelhorn like a twenty-first century Miles Davis.

Kiku is also a cancer and lymphedema patient and is actively involved with The Tutu Project as a patient advocate and program advisor.  She is also very active in other advocacy organizations, including #Cancerland, a grant recipient in the 2016 Carey Foundation “Breast Cancer Allies” program.

Dave Duplay

Dave is an advocate for people living with chronic illnesses and the founder of Healtheo360.  He advises The Tutu Project on brand partnerships and expansion opportunities.  Dave is a business and technology strategist for the healthcare industry with a heritage in healthcare marketing, communications, and technology. Dave has dedicated his career to finding ways to leverage advanced and emerging technologies to advance the delivery of healthcare and provide patients and caregivers ways to communicate with each other and the medical community.

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