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Each time you shop at one of our partners they will donate a percentage of the sale. These donations allow us to continue to support the breast cancer community.

Lymphedivas was founded by Rachel Levin Troxell. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, she developed lymphedema, a side effect that can cause swelling in the arms.  Looking for a compression sleeve that was comfortable without a rough texture garnered no results, and she became determined to design a more comfortable and stylish garment. Rachel’s design was a tremendous success and has improved the lives of many breast cancer patients. Her father, mother, and brother continue to run the company.

 Their lymphedema garments are softer than other compression sleeves and are, without a doubt, the best-looking. They have created a beautiful and comfortable sleeve, gauntlet, and glove for The Tutu Project and will donate 25% of each purchase.

We are proud to partner with Everviolet, a beautiful lingerie and loungewear collection that nurtures changes in a woman’s body following treatment for breast cancer and other meaningful life events, including various types of cancer, surgeries, post-pregnancy, menopause – even puberty! Their mission is to make women feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin again while wearing their adaptive, sustainable, feminine, and ultra-luxe intimates.

Enjoy 10% off Everviolet.com using our code TUTULOVE10.

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