It goes without saying that cancer is a devastating disease that millions of Americans live with everyday.  However, did you know that California was named as one of the states with the lowest cancer rates in a study done by World Atlas?  For being a state that’s known for its warm weather and sunkissed people, it may come as a surprise that Californians actually have a LOWER cancer rate than people in, say, West Virginia.  Here are a few California towns that have the lowest cancer rates.

Fresno, CA

Fresno is a city that’s big on exercise, which could be a reason why its one of the cities in California with the lowest cancer rates.  There are several gyms located in Fresno, and group exercises are especially popular among residents.  In addition to this, there are also several running trails in the city, which is another way locals stay fit.  Homes for sale in Fresno are relatively affordable compared to other cities in California, so for those looking for a health-conscious place to live, Fresno is a good option.  

San Francisco, CA

In 2016, the minimum age to purchase cigarettes in San Francisco went from 18-21, which may have something to do with it being one of the cities in California with the lowest cancer rate.  San Francisco also has one of the best cancer hospitals in the US, the University of California San Francisco Medical Center.  Additionally, San Francisco is a highly walkable city, and with slimmer waistlines also comes a lower chance of developing heart disease.  

Stockton, CA

For a city that hosts an annual asparagus festival, it’s no surprise that Stockton is one of the healthiest cities in California.  Being that Stockton residents love their veggies, they are at a lower risk of getting cancer because consuming up to 7.5 cups of fruits and vegetables daily can help lower your cancer risk by 14 percent.  Keep up the good work, Stockton!

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