You want to  join our first major social media breast cancer awareness campaign, but aren’t sure how to participate? We have made it super easy to #Dare2TUTU, but you have to share on social media to get the word out.

3 Fun Ways to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness with #Dare2TUTU

Posting to Twitter and Instagram is easy, you just post and use our hashtag #Dare2TUTU. But if you are only on Facebook, you must post directly to our page. So, how does it work?

Posting #Dare2Tutu on Facebook

  1. Go to our The Tutu Project Page on Facebook
  2. Type your text/message into the box at the top of the Page’s Timeline (see examples below)
  3. You can tag friends if you want them to #Dare2Tutu.
  4. Add your #Dare2Tutu photo or video
  5. Include #Dare2tutu hashtag!
  6. Click Post.
  7. After you Post, SHARE it to your own Facebook profile for all your friends to see!

We really wish Facebook made this easier, but try it – the steps are very easy to follow.  Every post raises awareness and funds for this very special cause.

Post Ideas

  • I ‪#‎Dare2Tutu‬ and donated in honor of…
  • We #Dare2Tutu and donated to help fund #TheTutuProject non-profit for women and men with #breastcancer
  • I am a #breastcancer #survivor and #dare2tutu in honor of me!!!
  • My wife/husband has #metastaticbreastcancer and I #dare2tutu for him/her

Get it?  Don’t forget to add your  #Dare2Tutu Picture!

Ways to Dare2Tutu:…/

Donate here!


If you want to become a fundraiser, which makes you eligible for some fun prizes, make sure you include you personalized link, and not the generic link we suggested above. We hope this all makes sense.  If not, email us at with any questions.

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