1. irene rhein

    The man in that pink tutu … seen him in other places… something about his daughter and cancer…. but i can’t remember the whole thing…anyone ?? @irene..

    • Linda Carey

      Hi Irene,

      I’m Linda, Bob’s wife. My husband, the creator of The Tutu Project, is a commercial and fine art photographer. His tutu images have been seen around the world, thrilling fans and used as a means to raise funds for families with breast cancer.

      But first, a little background. In 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer with a recurrence in 2006. Bob found that the best way to emotionally deal with the diagnosis was to express his feelings through his art. His tutu images brought laughter and levity into our life when we needed it most. During my ongoing treatment for metastatic breast cancer, I began to share the photos with other breast cancer patients at the clinic. The laughter was contagious, and we thought, “what if we share this with patients on a larger level”? In 2012, “The Tutu Project” was officially born; the project went viral, and we started our cancer non-profit, The Carey Foundation. We beyond excited the way we’ve been able to grow and help the breast cancer community.


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